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Your Allergy History
This Allergy History worksheet is meant for review by a licensed medical professional only. This worksheet is in no way meant to confer a diagnosis or dictate a specific course of testing or treatment in lieu of a medical professional's opinion. Scores and descriptions of severity are relative to questions
asked and may not be seen in and of themselves as conveying medical advice or medical necessity.
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Free Prescription Drug Discount Card
Why use another free prescription discount card when we beat the competition 70 out of 100 times and we do not share or sell any information?
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Your Cost Free Life Insurance
Protect yourself and your loved ones in case of accident,
$3,000 coverage for you • $3,000 coverage for your spouse • $1,000 coverage for each child
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My Free Pharmacy Member Portal Information
My Free Pharmacy is a revolutionary new Prescription Pharmacy Program with a mission to provide affordable prescriptions to all Americans. If you have any questions about the Program or your Prescriptions, do not hesitate to call our Customer Service at 1-800-974-7036. Thank you for becoming part of the My Free Pharmacy Family
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Pets Are Family Too
My Free Pharmacy is available to members only. Membership fee per family is $35.00 monthly.
Attached are some of the medications available for pets and humans. See the full list of free medications at
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